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The Company Mail Dry Cutting Wet Cutting Special Diamond Tools Abrasive Discs
Ceramic and gres Concrete - Asphalt h7 y h10 Granite h10 y h15
Refractory bricks/Sand Stone/Slate h10 Marble and
Lime Stone h7
Terrace h17 Sandwich Steel Body
Wet cutting
Marble and Lime Stone h7
Diamond blade for MARBLE AND LIME STONE V2PC h7
Range of application:
  Marble and lime stone.
3200300MPC 300 H50 Z21 3,0 mm
3200350MPC 350 H50 Z25 3,2 mm
3200400MPC 400 H60 Z28 3,6 mm
3200450MPC 450 H60 Z32 4,0 mm
3200500MPC 500 H60 Z36 4,0 mm
3200600MPC 600 H60 Z42 5,0 mm
3200700MPC 700 H60 Z50 6,0 mm
3200725MPC 725 H60 Z51 6,0 mm
3200800MPC 800 H60 Z46 6,0 mm
3200800MPC 800 H60 Z57 6,0 mm
32001000MPC 1000 H60 Z70 7,0 mm
32001200MPC 1200 H60 Z80 8,5 mm